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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Gandhi

donating christmas meals to the less fortunate

Our Mission

The Mission of Hams For Fams is to use blessings in the community to help feed those in need.

Our Story

Hams For Fams started in October 2015 when a small group of high school juniors wanted to make an impact on their community: New Orleans. Along with the help of other members of the Class of 2017, the group raised over $2000 which allowed for 20 families to be given Christmas meals. Extremely excited by these results, this core group of high-school juniors decided to expand, eventually becoming an official non-profit organization. In 2016, with support from families, friends, and several partners, Hams For Fams  raised over $10,000—enough to feed over 100 families throughout the greater New Orleans Area. On Friday December 23, 2016, Hams For Fams volunteers delivered Christmas meal baskets across the city. In 2017, with the support of the various members of the community, Hams For Fams raised over $20,000 and fed over 200 families. We have not looked back since, hoping to continually feed families every Christmas Christmas.

Our goals for this year

For the 2018 Christmas season, Hams For Fams aims to provide a Christmas meal for over 230 families. Each meal costs $100, making the fundraising goal for this year $23,000. 

What We Ask From You

To accomplish our goals, Hams For Fams needs a large number of volunteers for both fundraising and sorting/delivery. Every volunteer involved is crucial to the success of the Hams For Fams organization.

Three volunteer options available are: 

  • Fundraising: The most important need in feeding families is raising the funds necessary to provide a Christmas dinner. Any donated amount truly helps the Hams For Fams cause. Volunteers in this specific category work at their own pace, reaching out to family, friends, and acquaintances whenever possible. This can be accomplished through phone calls, emails, and social media. Every dollar donated is applied to operational expenses and the purchase of items for the meal for families in need. No donations go toward salaries.

  • Sorting: Our organization purchases all the ingredients from a local grocery store. Everything necessary for a complete Christmas meal, from the hams to the salad, is delivered the day before meals are delivered to families. Volunteers are needed to sort the items into appropriate boxes assigned to specific families. Because of the large amount of families in need, we need a multitude of hands to help sort and pack meals on the day of delivery.

  • Delivery: One of the most rewarding experiences of helping those in need is witnessing the reaction of those we help. The volunteers at Hams For Fams personally deliver baskets of food two days before Christmas. Delivery of the meals requires a large number of volunteers to transport these gifts. There is nothing better than witnessing a person who is living through tough circumstances smile from ear to ear when the meal is delivered to his or her family.


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